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Superheroes Wear Masks, Too:
30 Family Devotions for Developing Spiritual Immunity in a Pandemic

This book explores long-standing truths found in the words and life of David to help resolve  present-day emotions felt by many “tweens” and early teens due to COVID-19. 

ISBN 9798753172624

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Mystery at Peabody Manor
An Ariel Hartman Mystery Based on Ephesians

Something strange is happening at the old Peabody Manor. At the same time, there are a series of bizarre thefts occurring in the affluent Summerville Estates neighborhood. Coincidence? 

ISBN 9780757743542

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peabody 24577v2.281104146.png

Treasure Quest
The Elliott Chronicles

When Brianna and Seth's parents disappear in Israel while on an archaeological dig, the Elliott siblings must go back in time to rescue them. Will this experience change their parents' minds about the gospel? Their lives may depend on it.  

ISBN 9780757754333

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treasure quest cvr.PNG

The Diary Dilemma
An Ariel Hartman Mystery Based on Galatians

A rare diary written by a soldier of the American Revolution is stolen from the Summerville Museum.  Ariel must learn the origin of the diary to understand its true worth.  

ISBN 9781567228632

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God Quest
The Elliott Chronicles

While helping in the museum, siblings Brianna and Seth Elliott stumble across a forgotten clock. When the clock is wound, they are transported back to ancient times. Old Testament times. There, their questions about God are answered.    

ISBN 9781567229837

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